Welcome! I’m Dr. Alissa Beuerlein. You’re welcome to call me Dr. Alissa.   

Life can be difficult. Sometimes we need the help of others who have walked through the difficult things themselves and have walked this journey with others. Counselors fill this role, and this is exactly my goal in counseling.

I am a licensed professional counselor, LPC-MHSP in Nashville, TN. I specialize in trauma, am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), and have been working with people who’ve experienced trauma for several years.

I also work with other various issues as well: depression, anxiety, emotional “numbness,” life changes, fears, phobias, obsessions, divorce, domestic violence, among other issues.

Dealing with tough issues can be frightening. You are not alone in your pain and healing is not only possible but a reality for those who are ready and willing to take the first step. You are not alone. You do not have to commit to anything in saying you want something different, simply reaching out is all that is necessary.

If you are looking to have individual counseling for you or your child or adolescent, click on Contact in order to set up an appointment.

I am also available for speaking engagements related to counseling, trauma, religious trauma, donor conception and/or sex trafficking.

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